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Long Tail Chris Anderson

  1. Debby From The Block: U Penn Long Tail Blockbuster

    Prick up your ears, Chris Anderson Your Long Tail doberman (below) is under attack: Wharton says: Online recommendation engines may chop off Long Tail of Search. No way I could pass on pointing to the Debby Richman blockbuster post.

  2. The Blogosphere Sounds Off on Hyper-Local

    Long Tail theory creator Chris Anderson coins the term: "The Vanishing Point Theory of News" on his blog: Provencher also posts a retort to Anderson's theory from Terry Heaton's PoMo blog; In the wake of discouraging news from hyper-local...

  3. Google Courts Book Publishers, Librarians

    The grandiosely named Google Unbound came complete with an all-star cast of Web luminaries: Wired magazine's Chris Anderson (author of "The Long Tail"); author and marketing guru Seth Godin; Cory Doctorow, author, BoingBoing co-editor and USC...

  4. Video From The Professionals

    Long Tail author Chris Anderson will present a keynote address, which is the closest NATPE comes to search training this year. Everyone will be hawking their video wares at the NATPE conference this week.