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Long Distance Relationships

  1. 5 Key Takeaways From a Successful Social Media Campaign Built on Human Connection

    As technology advances, the distance between a brand and its customers has grown. Limited time or resources have them talking at audiences as masses instead of investing in building relationships, one by one.

  2. Wearable Social Media: Jacket Rewards Facebook Likes With ‘Hugs’

    Chow said she came up with the concept over a conversation about long-distance relationships and the limitations of video chat interfaces like Skype. Just when you thought Facebook couldn't get any more creepy and intrusive, it can now hug you in...

  3. The Google+ Controversy & Virtual Worlds – A Question Of Identity

    Though Diaspora is still in alpha, the fact that they are willing and happy to allow this choice where the two social media giants are not is creating a growing buzz within the online community, not just within virtual world circles, but within...