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  1. How SEO Metrics Impact HSN's Merchandizing Strategy at Conductor #C3NY

    We'll be joining brands such as HSN, FedEx, Logitech, Bing and Google to discuss, "Why 2013 Will Be the Year of the SEO". Enterprise SEO teams often fall into the trap of looking at high-level metrics and missing context, according to Hugo Guzman...

  2. Google TV Is Not On Wall Street Journal Christmas Present List

    Google TV is available in three ways, Mossberg noted, the Logitech Revue - a small black top set box costing $300, a Sony BluRay player that incorporates the feature for $400 and with a Sony TC that has internet access built in, starting at $600.

  3. Maile Ohye: Google Loves Your Ugly Baby, Plus the Future of Search #SESChi

    With the introduction of Google TV, all of that is about to change, as more and more devices such as Sony televisions, Blu-ray players, and Logitech set-top boxes roll out Android-based systems that will transform the way we consume digital content.