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  1. On International Women's Day, Marketers Share Challenges & Reasons to Celebrate

    A student-run internship swap organization arranged the contracts and even the lodging. Many women are helping to shape the marketing world by sharing their insights and expertise on sites like Search Engine Watch and at conferences such as the SES...

  2. Will Social Media Get Governor David Paterson of New York to Veto a Bad Bill?

    If you sign this bill, you will render illegal any and all short‐term lodging operations that don't fit the mold of the standard hotel. I've written a couple of social media case studies over the past year, but I was tipped off to a new one late...

  3. Better Targeting = Better Leads -- Demographics for SMBs

    If your lodging property caters to the over-55 crowd, check out this site. The words bring to mind an army of mall survey-takers and weird statistics. But it doesn't have to be scary! Applying some small business common sense to the topic can bring...

  4. Travel Search 2.0 -- Know Your Audience

    As you dig deeper into the themes, you'll find lodging and attractions sorted with the additional layers of content: ratings, reviews, different commentary from travel sources, including their own editorial team, and then the ability to sort by...

  5. Reinstalling My PC, Part 2: Secure Your PC, For Free!

    Anti-virus programs like AVG will prevent most spyware programs from lodging on your computer, but there is more you can do. So when reinstalling, it make sense to secure your like-new PC as best as possible.

  6. Link Building Case Study for Luxury Hotels

    Yes, it may even be worthwhile to let smaller lodging establishments utilize your tool on their site. Just solve a user problem. Here's one example in the travel and hospitality industry. Link building opportunities can be discovered by solving a...

  7. Bringing the SEO Teacher to You

    When you decide on bringing a team of trainers to hold a seminar in your place of business, you're bringing a team of trainers to your place of business, which is to say that you'll be paying for their travel and lodging costs.

  8. New 411 User Survey Points To Mobile Local Search Demand

    Hotels/Lodging: 24% Many Internet companies, especially some of the much-hyped Web 2.0 startups, are busy building tools and applications for which no mainstream consumer demand actually exists. In my view that's what killed many of early Internet...