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Lock Up Period

  1. Network investment works for Raiffeisen Centrobank in CEE

    Investors consider this mechanism as an essential extra feature in order to take advantage of falling markets during the best-entry period, as the decline in markets would automatically lock in the lowest level of the index, and therefore the...

  2. European refineries face difficult times

    Through a swap, the refinery provides a specific yield to us and they lock in the value of this margin against a liquid crude reference, such as Brent,” he says. One final method that could bring benefits is to hedge operational storage levels as...

  3. Liquidity goes down the drain

    Hedge funds have also sought to lock-in investors for longer periods and changed their liquidity terms to prevent a run on redemptions. For a substantial period of time, they were only willing to take on risk-less transactions.

  4. BVI legal experts meet restructuring challenges

    A lot of managers are in a situation where they have to choose between winding up their funds or restructuring them with longer lock-ins and redemption terms that match the liquidity of the underlying portfolio,” says Simon Schilder, a partner at...

  5. The redundant trader

    If it is government economic data, we would receive that under embargo at our offices or in a lock-up room at the government agency," says Brown. Or is it corporate news - for example, Apple announcing a new version of the iPhone or a retailer...

  6. Picking up the pace

    Prices are so high at the moment that we are contemplating short-term hedges, but if prices come down, we'd like to lock them in for a longer period - say, a year," he says. Using derivatives to hedge is a sensitive issue at the best of times for...

  7. Savings for the future

    When you raise deposits to fund your lending, you aim to lock in the duration of both. Nevertheless, Keefe Bruyette's Hutson says these banks will be unable to offer highly competitive deposit rates for a sustained period of time, and will return...