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Location Finder

  1. Google Eye-Tracking Study Highlights Impact of Local/Places Results

    Just below it, there’s a location-finder result for “Pizza Hut locations in Chicago” that shows three Pizza Hut addresses. Google’s different SERPs formats seem to have varying effects on users and those using video and local search listings will...

  2. Google Launches New Site, Tool For Global Marketing

    Global Market Finder, "helps businesses identify markets with high demand for their products or services. The Global Market Finder is in essence a keyword translation tool that shows volume of searches for products in 56 languages and 100 countries.

  3. Bing vs Google Face-Off Still On: Bing Announces Search Index Boost, Social Results & More

    Today as well, Bing is launching Home Turf Finder, a feature that allows football fans to locate the "second best" (after South Africa itself? Aside from bringing real-time scores and coverage, Bing is partnering with location-based service...