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  1. Looking back: El Niño boosts weather derivatives

    One swap was conducted recently between Houston-based energy company Enron and Pittsburgh-based WeatherWise USA, which since last year has provided services to reduce weather-related financial risk to residential and business customers.

  2. Dealers fret over NSFR impact on equities

    LCH.Clearnet holds €37.8 billion in initial margin for all its clearing services, according to its 2013 annual report, and regulators conservatively estimate non-cleared trades will ultimately require the posting of around €700 billion of initial...

  3. Financial crime body tightens rules on company ownership

    Criminals will always seek out weak links in the global financial services community. These topics are of growing concern and importance for governments which were struggling with specific ways to ensure their national and local anti-money...

  4. Network investment works for Raiffeisen Centrobank in CEE

    This bonus certificate stands for high risk protection as it has an extremely low barrier set via the best-entry mechanism that uses the lowest index price during the first month or months of the product's life," says Peter Uhrin, investment...

  5. Can Groupon Break Into the Search Market?

    Next up is a plan to tie listings to reservation sites and scheduling services, ensuring that users can find and buy from local businesses without leaving the site. In an effort to move beyond your inbox, discount aggregator Groupon recently...

  6. People: TD Bank bags Scotia Capital structuring team

    He reports to Todd Sandoz, global head of equity trading and execution services, and Jonathan Och, head of global markets front-office risk. Pierre Mendelssohn is now chief executive and founder of Alpima, a London-based financial services company.

  7. 8 Lessons Learned From Owning a Search Agency for 15 Years

    We partnered and started offering search marketing services while developing software to track keyword conversions. The lessons are in no particular order, but include challenges from starting, running, growing, and automating processes to adding...

  8. Japan trust business helps BNY Mellon to Asia award

    We've seen more unique structures coming out of Japan than elsewhere [in the region], and this may be because of the size of the economy," says Dominick Falco, head of global collateral services in Asia-Pacific at BNY Mellon, based in Hong Kong.

  9. Centralizing Location Data: 3 Steps to Local SEO Success

    Critical data for each and every location includes business name, address, phone number(s) webpage/site URL, hours of operation, categories, products/services offered and areas served. Either of these scenarios can lead to data management and...

  10. Marin Software Adds Support for Russia's Largest Search Engine

    Marin says advertisers can leverage its platform to gain a better understanding of "how online ad spend on Yandex affects offline purchases," and that the flexibility and "open architecture" of the Marin platform allows data from call tracking...

  11. SEO Strategies for JavaScript-Heavy Single Page Applications or AJAX Sites

    While this approach allows for indexing by Google, it has proved unpopular with SEOs and developers for several reasons, mainly due to increased development workload and incomplete support by other search engines and third party web services.