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  1. SEW Awards Finalists Named

    Kelly Services/TMP Directional Marketing ARS & Rescue Rooter/TMP Directional Marketing Best Business-to-Business Search Marketing Campaign Best Use of Local Search The editorial team here at Search Engine Watch is proud to announce the finalists...

  2. Offline and Online Conversions Tracking: Increase Your ROI

    In September, comScore and TMP Directional Marketing came out with the second wave of The Local Search Usage study, which found that one out of three Internet yellow pages (IYP) searchers visit with the goal of obtaining phone numbers (only 17...

  3. Making the Most of Your Local Search Marketing Dollars

    Wave two of the TMP Directional Marketing/comScore Local Search Usage Study was released last week. Local search: 11 percent Now let me see if I can get this right: universal search begat blended search, that when combined with collective interest...

  4. SearchDay | My Wife, the Editor

    This is the topic of a recent survey conducted by TMP Directional Marketing. Search Engines Top Source for Local Search Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 9, 2008 When it comes to conducting a local search, where do people begin their searches?

  5. The Local Advertiser of Today and Tomorrow

    According to a study by comScore and TMP Directional Marketing (full disclosure, I'm employed by TMP Directional Marketing), the following types of media are used when consumers are looking for local business information:

  6. Search Marketers' Wish Lists

    Gregg Stewart, senior VP at TMP Directional Marketing WeI'll be sharing part 2 of these search marketing wish lists tomorrow. I would love to see Google and the other engines provide an SEO forecasting model that would make a huge impact on...

  7. Real World Trumps Online in Local Search

    Therefore, it’s important that you track and measure local search efforts for both online and offline to enlarge Source: TMP Directional Marketing/comScore - Study of the Usage and Value of Online and Offline Local Search Sources...