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  1. 9 Things You Must Update When Moving Your Business Location

    Beyond the local directory listings, it's worth changing as many local citation websites as possible to the new address or phone number. If you rely on local search, or mobile search, to bring visitors and customers to your location, then moving...

  2. Reality Check: Google Isn't 'Killing' Organic Search

    Reviews, a map and local listings seem fitting for a local-intent search like "Italian food". Yes, there are two ads (which I automatically glaze over), but it's also followed by Yelp reviews as the top organic listing (a competitor to Google-owned...

  3. Going Global: Localize Your Message for Holiday Retail Traffic

    That’s exactly what Debenhams did when it fully translated and localized its site for a German audience, from product listings to enabling full transactions in euros. Straight translations of keywords aren't always effective, as customers might...

  4. Local Search Insights: What Are Consumers in Your Local Area Searching For?

    Earlier this year, Search Engine Watch author Carrie Hill offered advice on marketing your small business site, including claiming your Google Local business listing and making sure Bing and Yahoo local listings are up to date.

  5. 4 Ways Developers Can Reduce Data Noise to Create Great Local Search Experiences

    App developers who want to hone in on the value of local search should avoid business listings' noise and create a single and dynamic business identity for users starting with the business NAP. Supplement Advertising Content With Business Listings

  6. Search vs. Social: The 50 Shades of Gray in Online Information Retrieval

    Interestingly, while we have long been told social will be huge for shopping (presumably because your friends’ purchase recommendations are more valuable than impersonal search listings), shopping is actually the scenario in which users use social...