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Local Search Battle

  1. Google's Product Listing Ads: Adoption, Clicks, Mobile Continue Surge [Study]

    Efficient management, reporting, and optimization of Shopping campaigns will be crucial for remaining competitive and winning the battle for revenue online. When it came to how much budget PLAs were afforded versus text ads in 2013, Marin’s data...

  2. SEO Into 2014: The Irreversible Changes in Google's Products

    But chances are, as our industry matures, these changes are ones we will have to battle – and battle without ignorance. Unfortunately, amidst the excitement, it seemed that its impact on search – especially for local – was overlooked.

  3. Tools to Monitor Online Reputation Across Different Languages

    Monitoring your online reputation is only half the battle. Major players like Facebook and Twitter have high profiles worldwide, but – as with search engines – it may be worth researching the local competition for major markets you're active in.

  4. Gaining Top Keyword Prominence & Dominance in Foreign Languages

    Newcomers entering the market and trying to climb the SERPs for a competitive English keyword face a long uphill battle. Our multilingual search analysts have been consistently tracking the performance of keywords relating to our main services in...

  5. SEO Wars: Forget Black Hat, White Hat - What Color Is Your Lightsaber?

    It's time for SEOs to claim their rightful weapon for battle, but what color lightsaber will you choose? It's time to choose, and the battle is real. SEO is a powerful force that can be wielded to dictate the prominent content placement in search...