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  1. SEO for Startups & New Businesses: An 11 Step Plan

    Here's what a concept map might look like: Google+ posts pass Page Rank, and Google+ profiles may show author attribution on results pages, so it's an especially important platform for SEO. I often tell clients that local is the "back door" into...

  2. How Will Voice Search Change SEO for Local Stores & Global Enterprises?

    If a user searches [where am I], Google will display the user's current location and a map. If the user continues to search [show me things to do there], Google will remember the previous search and give them results for popular local attractions.

  3. SEO Into 2014: The Irreversible Changes in Google's Products

    We can slowly see how Google's “most comprehensive data set of local businesses” can begin to map out entire experiences – not limited to SERP results, the majority of which are paid for, the remainder of which are a consequence of on- and off...