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  1. SearchDay: Awesome Ad Groups: Small is Good

    Microsoft Partners with Zvents for MSN City Guides Posted by Nathania Johnson Aug 4, 2008 Microsoft today announced a partnership with Zvents, a local search and advertising network, to integrate with MSN City Guides.

  2. Highlights from the SEW Blog: April 14-18, 2008

    Zvents blends local search with current eventsThe local search engine aims to help businesses draw foot traffic to their stores, restaurants and events across the county. PPC Search Engine ABCSearch Partners with AdWatcher on OptimizationABCSearch...

  3. Zvents blends local search with current events

    Zvents has scooped up hundreds of media partners such as ones mentioned above along with more than 250 other media channels to create the Zvents Media Network. One of the companies exhibiting at Ad:Tech San Francisco this week is Zvents, a local...