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  1. Rand Fishkin Talks New Approach to Link Building, Content Marketing & Contextual Search

    You can check out the full interview here, where Fishkin shares his thoughts on additional topics like Google+, social media, and staying up-to-speed with industry news. That's according to Rand Fishkin, the CEO of Moz, who also co-authored "The...

  2. Weekly Rundown: Lost Google Image Search Traffic, Facebook Search Ads & More

    All this and much more in our quick recap of search and social marketing news and tips from the past week. Borrell: There's Money in Local Media – ClickZTraditional and pure-play local media companies are reaping healthy profits from digital sales...

  3. Creative Link Prospecting: Following a News Story

    Nothing special in that – it only turned into a major news story when the local Council decided to forbid her from publishing her blog. Sometimes a breaking news story spreads like wildfire. It’s covered extensively by mainstream media, specialist...

  4. Facebook’s Graph Search: the Ultimate Personalized Discovery Engine?

    Media and Entertainment Search – Finding TV shows, movies, music, and games liked, watched, your friends It really does seem like Facebook is on to something BIG with Graph Search: