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Local Food

  1. Stimulate Your Search Marketing Creativity With the Random Input Technique

    Let's say I'm selling a local organic vegan food delivery service. Cost – cheaper than eating out or getting prepared food from a health food store What is that child's voice saying about food in the deepest recesses of my prospects' minds?

  2. OK Google: 'The End of Search as We Know It'

    Because a note to buy milk, paper towels and food for the dog, is a lot more helpful when you're actually at the grocery store. In an article for Search Engine Watch earlier this month, Guillaume Bouchard forecast how to optimize for Google Now...

  3. Creative Link Prospecting: Following a News Story

    Probably every food reporter in all the major media outlets had to jump in: and probably every food blogger on the planet were stirred to write about it – even if they hadn’t posted for weeks. If you were in the food industry analyzing who wrote...