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  1. How the Mobile Shift Will Affect Paid Search and Social Advertising Efforts

    Once mobile ads are served, advertisers should think about the experience the consumer will have. By associating phone calls back to ads and keywords, marketers can discover what works to keep the phone ringing and optimize ad buys accordingly.

  2. VeryPink Uses YouTube TrueView In-Search Ads to Reach Knitters for 3 Cents a View

    VeryPink boasts an average 10 percent view-through rate of people clicking on her TrueView in-search ads to view the video. Her upbeat, professional personality is definitely a competitive advantage, augmenting her freemium business concept...

  3. Google’s Mobile World & Vision for 2012

    Among the highlights: percent of residents own a smartphone.percent of smartphone users use a search engine at least one time per week.percent of smartphone users notice ads on a smartphone – 41 percent on search engines; 46 percent in an app; 25...

  4. Richard Petty Driving Experience Revs Up Fan Engagement 700% on YouTube

    We used our strongest tool – video – to inexpensively execute a campaign powered by Google, the company that has mastered the art and science of search, and is now putting brilliant video advertising techniques into the hands of advertisers large...