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  1. Are You Wasting 25% Of Your PPC Budget? New Study Says You Might Be

    The study revealed that 53 percent of small business advertisers optimize their ads only once per quarter. Just 1 percent optimized their ads once a week in the last quarter. PPC advertising is a dynamic, constantly evolving space; if you're...

  2. Google AdWords Keyword Match Types and Negatives: The Ultimate Guide

    This is a "search term match type" and it tells you how closely the person's search term (that triggered your ads on Google) is related to the actual keyword in the account. This can further complicate things when your ads can also appear for...

  3. Pros & Cons of the Top Mobile App Tracking Methods

    There's also a possibility of inaccurate attribution in a scenario where the user clicked two different ads prior to app install. TRUSTed Mobile Ads TRUSTed Mobile Ads platform is designed to allow users the ability to easily opt out of tracking.

  4. SEO & PPC: The Comprehensive Starting Points for Driving Mobile Traffic

    When developing mobile ads, Smith recommended to efficiently capturing traffic by offering users the experience that is most desirable to them. Start broad (match) to discover various mobile keyword phrases and then use negative keywords and phrase...