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  1. Google's Product Listing Ads: Adoption, Clicks, Mobile Continue Surge [Study]

    Shifting more attention toward optimizing the mobile experience — mobile-friendly landing pages, integrating Google Merchant Center’s local availability and local storefront features — will be key to maximizing smartphone PLA performance.

  2. The Buzz on Search and Social Signals: Building Informed Cross-Channel Strategies

    Advanced technology platforms can drive dynamic ad creation based on demand and intent signals from search, to automatically create ads on Facebook for products that are performing best on Google. Suppose I perform my Black Rain Boots query on my...

  3. Google: 70% of Mobile Searchers Call a Business Directly From Search Results [Study]

    Geo-Conquesting' Drives Customers Away from Local Competition with Mobile Ads [Study] Google ads generate more than 40 million calls each month – 75 percent of those calls last longer than 30 seconds, and the majority of calls from ads lasted an...

  4. SES San Francisco Digital Swag: Bing Ads Insights, Marketing E-Books & More

    These are questions Bing Ads tackled in a study of over 250,000 unique ads from multiple industries with more than 300 million ad impressions, in a 30-day period. Add in 20+ other common ad copy phrases, and in one picture you have a Bing Ads...