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  1. Foursquare Self-Serve Ads Now Open to All Local Businesses

    Ads appear when users first open the Foursquare app; they may see an ad based on their usage, location and history. The ad creation process is relatively straightforward. We've had over a million ad impressions during the private beta, and that was...

  2. Google AdWords Keyword Match Types and Negatives: The Ultimate Guide

    For example a search query for "cheap laptops" shouldn't trigger the ad with "cheap" as a negative. Broad match allows your ad to show on similar phrases and close variations of the keyword. Ensures your ad doesn't show for any search that includes...

  3. AdWords for Video Makes Reporting More Consistent, Goal-Oriented & Prettier

    This ability to run the option play has enabled Google sites, driven primarily by, to become the leading video ad property. Select the Branding objective in the “Columns” drop down to see how broadly a video ad was viewed.

  4. Mobile Ad Revenue Outlook: Local Search Leads the Way

    Facebook News Feed Ads), most mobile ad formats today fall into the main categories of search, display, SMS, or video. This should tell us something about mobile local search and its impact in shaping the ad revenue opportunities of the next few...