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  1. Search Engine Reputation Management Services

    Working for various lobby groups during the last U.S.presidential elections has really opened my eyes. Statements by our lobby group needed to be confirmed by multiple experts and opposite statements needed to be surrounded by doubt and contradiction.

  2. Search Engines & Opinions: Just How Trustworthy Are Search Results?

    Influencing rankings can be done in a totally decent fashion, but the SEO companies hired by lobby groups, multi-nationals, politicians, and countries, for example, collect and trade link value (mainly by creating and buying sites) as some sort of...

  3. Link Building Case Study for Luxury Hotels

    The solution: from the interactive map provide an option to "print to the concierge," "print to front desk" or "print to lobby kiosk. To further enhance the guest experience, install a lobby computer with printers for guests who don't travel with...

  4. Daily SearchCast, June 27, 2006: School Upset Over Student Data In Google; Is GBuy GooglePal?; Microsoft adCenter Gets Promoted; New Travel Search Engines; The Matt Cutts Doll & More!

    To Also Lobby In Europe Pandia covers that Google is looking to hire a "senior European government affairs and public policy leader," to lobby in Europe. So Yahoo may scan email attachments, Yahoo Groups images and other places in the Yahoo...