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  1. The Evolution of Guest Blogging: Where Does it Stand in 2014 and Beyond?

    Write stories for other venues that reflect your writing strengths, so you have strong clips to present. In extreme cases, "thought leader" becomes almost a job description, describing someone who writes books and travels to conferences for a living.

  2. SES New York Keynote Speaker Says Internet is TV’s Best Friend

    This means planning television and digital together to tell stories across devices and engage viewers with TV experiences not just TV shows. SEW: Why would “connected TVs” blend web and television content into a unified big screen experience that...

  3. Visual Storytelling: The Key Weapon to Content Marketing

    In pictures, even songs – we’ve relied on stories for thousands of years to help us understand, retain, and share information. Rags to riches: These stories are about being true to one’s self, with one of the best known examples through Willy Wonka.

  4. John James Audubon Birthday Celebrated by Google Doodle

    Google Celebrating Children and Children's Stories With Doodles Worldwide This quote, attributed to Audubon, sums it up best: "I know that I am not a scholar, but meantime I am aware that no man living knows better than I do the habits of our birds.

  5. 6 #Winning Strategies @CharlieSheen Used To Get 2.2 Million #Tigerblood Followers

    Charlie Sheen has been feeding the news channels new stories consistently. More Celebrity Search & Social Stories Regardless of the debate, Charlie Sheen probably recognizes that by living publicly on Twitter, he provides his fans and detractors...