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  1. How to Grow Your Google+ Fan Base to 1,000 Followers & Beyond

    Much like Twitter, Google+ makes little distinction between a business entity and a person on the network. And here's a handy little tip. Users that have taken the time to add a photo of themselves and a little biographical information are more...

  2. 5 Googley SEO Terms – Do They Mean What You Think They Mean?

    The two algorithms differ only in how they convert the token sequence into a bit string representing the page. Both algorithms generate a bit string from the token sequence of a page and use it to determine the near-duplicates for the page"

  3. 4 SEO Myths & Conspiracy Theories Google's Matt Cutts Wants to Die

    He also cautions about various SEO tools and how people should be a little bit wary about buying the software packages that market themselves as the ultimate and only way to rank number one. And so the idea that you're going to be able to buy some...