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Litmus Test

  1. Social Has Crossed the Marketing Budget Chasm; Will It Drown Search?

    If we use SMBs as a litmus test for change, research shows that more and more SMBs are turning to social media, and in some cases, before they turn to search. A year ago, CompTIA released a study showing that small and medium-sized businesses are...

  2. Ad Group Structure: A How-to Guide for SEMs

    A litmus test: Can you market to different keywords in your ad group differently? A litmus test: Is there enough click volume behind this one keyword to justify it being in one ad group (for better control), and is the keyword unique enough to...

  3. Don't Overlook These Link Building Opportunities

    First, the toolbar is a mere litmus test. Link development isn't getting any easier. With each passing year it becomes increasingly difficult. Yet we all tend to overlook good link opportunities. Are you skipping over possible good link opportunities?