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  1. Trademark: The Next Generation

    We live in a litigious society that demands and confuses satisfaction with justice. It's a crazy mixed-up world out there. We stand on the precipice of disaster in regulating just about everything that can or will be controlled.

  2. What Should You Do When You Get Canned?

    While that might seem a bit cold-blooded, remember the overly litigious world we live in. Seasons change, time passes. People change. Goals change. Objective alignments change. Technology changes. The entire country is drunk on the concept of change.

  3. SEO Company CEO Arrested, Jailed: Accused of Foreclosure Scam

    In December, Traffic-Power's litigious CEO, Matt Marlon, was profiled by Dave Kesmodel in The Wall St. Traffic Power earned an infamous reputation as a search engine optimization firm, allegedly using "black hat" tactics that may have resulted in...

  4. LookSmart Hit With Potential Class Action Lawsuit Over Submission Program

    In another spin on the case, LookSmart's Goldberg suggested that this type of action is just something that happens as part of being in a "litigious society. If society was so litigious, why has it taken until now for LookSmart to make history as...