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  1. Search is Search: Paid and Organic Search Synergies

    Starting with keyword lists and segmentation, your paid and organic specialists should work together to develop personas and review the keyword buckets. Though it seems like a no-brainer, many agencies don't share their lists with each other.

  2. Is Your Landing Page Relevant?

    With Google collecting the data it needs to develop searcher personas, the search experience is becoming far more personalized. Why not structure page titles, header tags, or called out content (think bulleted lists) to include the search phrase...

  3. Tightly-Themed Ad Groups: The PPC Pro Advantage

    We defined Personas -- identities of typical buyer types -- and then generated a list of 540 keywords for the Roger persona, a serious buyer of high-end guitars. We've explored the best practices for creating comprehensive keyword lists over the...

  4. Awesome Ad Groups: Small is Good

    I walked through an exercise of defining personas -- customer groups and their associated needs/desires -- and building lists of words they would use as search terms. Last week I described the process of building great PPC search-campaign keyword...

  5. SearchDay: Press Releases and Search Engine Optimization

    More Killer Keyword Techniques: Personas and Buckets PROFITABLE PPC Learn how to use personas and bucket lists to create huge killer keyword lists like the pros. Today's Top Story MarkJackson Press Releases and Search Engine Optimization AU...

  6. More Killer Keyword Techniques: Personas and Buckets

    For now, I'll focus on defining personas, and using them to create keyword bucket lists. Let's continue where we left off last week, when I described the concepts of "personas" and "keyword buckets. Now let's define personas to represent each group.

  7. PPC Keyword Sets: Words to the Wise

    The keyword list assembly process starts with defining our businesses customer personas, and then putting words related to those personas and their behaviors into buckets (or spreadsheet columns) -- and then use tools and techniques for combining...