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  1. News Sites Look For More Control Over Search Listings

    The current system doesn't give sites "enough flexibility to express our terms and conditions on access and use of content," said Angela Mills Wade, executive director of the European Publishers Council, one of the organizations behind the proposal.

  2. Looking Back, Looking Ahead: Developments With Consumer Search

    Express spam report Not long after A9 came out, we got similar features from Ask Jeeves and then Yahoo. So Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask Jeeves -- tech companies, media companies? There are only two major items at the moment: Search Meets TV & Yahoo, SBC...

  3. Eurekster Launches Personalized Social Search

    But the company did express interest in my idea that perhaps it could let users make use of their own Google API keys, in order to legitimately call Google's results into Eurekster. Now it comes not from Google or Yahoo but instead from tiny...

  4. How LookSmart Works

    LookSmart Launches Express Submission Service, 2/00 For advice on writing good titles and descriptions with your key terms, see the Submitting To The Yahoo Directory page in Search Engine Watch, in particular the sections on Title and Description.