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  1. 4 Key Recommendations for B2B SEO in Industrial Markets

    A recent white paper (short form submission) from GlobalSpec highlights this trend in the industrial space. As optimism over the economy increases across B2B organizations and industries, search engine marketers need to take note.

  2. Search Engine Submission 101, Part 2

    If you don't bother with any kind of submission, then you are relying on being discovered by the search engine spiders. Search Engine Submission – Not a Silver Bullet Contrary to many of the advertisements about submitting your site for quick...

  3. My "Must Have" List of Directories

    They offer a few models and variations on their submission, but the free directory listing is enough to show up in the search results for your brand name. Squidoo is an AWESOME site for search engine results saturation.

  4. Local Search 101, Part 1

    Instead of taking you to the home page, I found links that will take you directly to the free submission. For more info see "Site Structure 101" or Search Engine Watch's Search Engine Optimization section.

  5. Top SEO Firms Paid for by the Following...

    There has been a history of companies charging for "submission to 1,000 search engines" and calling that SEO. When searching for "search engine marketing" on Google recently, a news item caught my attention.

  6. Microsoft Adds More Tools for Search Marketers

    Still, it's a good start, providing information on how Live Search crawls and indexes site pages; sitemap creation and submission; statistics about Web sites currently indexed by Live Search; consolidated content submission guidelines; and new...

  7. Search Engine Results Chart

    They bring up submission help from Search Engine Watch's Search Engine Submission Tips section. For help in getting listed with a particular search provider, read the Essentials Of Search Engine Submission guide, for a step-by-step process to the...

  8. Intro To Search Engine Submission

    Part 1 of Essentials Of Search Engine Submission Search Engine Submission: Getting Listed It sounds like a pretty simple question, but sadly, search engine submission can be a complicated subject. Search engine submission" refers to the act of...

  9. Paid Search Advertising: Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing & Microsoft adCenter

    Part 5 of Essentials Of Search Engine Submission That's it for the essentials of search engine submission. Every major search engine with significant market share accepts paid listings. This unique form of search engine advertising guarantees that...