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Listed Major Providers

  1. Local Online Business Listing Hijacking: Protecting Your Identity

    To closely guard their online presence and protect their identities, businesses should always verify and claim listings on as many local search platforms and social sites as possible and/or partner with business listing management providers to...

  2. SES New York is a Search Expo as well as an SEM Conference

    Today Ingenio partners with leading providers in Web and mobile search, online directories, vertical content, and directory assistance to deliver live phone leads to any type of business. The company has offices in major international markets...

  3. Local Search 101, Part 2

    It's a good idea to check this list for more providers to get listed on, as the list will continue growing. The only major search marketing conference and expo on the East Coast, SES New York will be packed with more than 70 sessions, plus more...

  4. The Best of Outsourced: 10 Greatest Hits

    With large hospitals, manufacturers, insurers, and providers, pharma casts a long shadow here. Part of "How to Take on a Major SEO Client" is proving your value and taking your pitch to the next level.

  5. SEO Issues with Global Expansion

    These pools of ranges are then passed down to hosting companies and providers of Internet access. Take care in any location change and calculate a loss in rankings with any major decision you might make.

  6. Avoid the Pitfalls of Mobile Marketing

    According to findings of a November 2007 Google study, mobile search queries from iPhone users surged at the end of 2007, eclipsing all other smart phone platforms -- even though Apple's smart phone market share is only a fraction of the other...

  7. Search Engine Results Chart

    Major search engines generally provide listings from a variety of sources, which they may get from third-party search providers or through their own efforts. Other search engines use third-party search providers for their results.