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List Http Status Codes

  1. Google Catalogs Annotations: How to Enrich the Consumer Experience & Track Results

    Stripping then reading codes Google Catalogs allows publishers to amend codes to the product annotation link URLs. These codes can then be tracked in Google Analytics. For this to work properly, publishers have to work closely with their...

  2. How to Quickly Identify Duplicate Content With a Site Crawl

    To the right of the Status Codes is the Page Title sorted in ascending order and with duplicate values highlighted (using conditional formatting in Excel). Status Code While Screaming Frog was used to procure the list of results shown below, any...

  3. Link Equity Salvage: 7 Steps for Finding Your Long-Lost Links

    Once you've compiled your insanely large list of URLs it's time to check, recheck, and rerecheck their status codes. So I've broken the link equity salvage process into four parts: compiling, status checking and link checking a comprehensive-as...

  4. Common Problems with 404 Error Pages

    In recent weeks, I've seen several mishandled 404s, but one theme seems to return "200 OK" codes to search engine crawlers for 404 pages. In order to check response codes, I like to use the tool.

  5. Conducting a Redirect Audit on Your Web Site - Part 2

    This is an overview of the various status codes that appeared in your site's log file. Listing status codes, sorted numerically.reqs: status code By looking thoroughly at the error and redirect codes using something like Analog, you can conduct...

  6. Going Beyond FTC Paid Inclusion Disclosure Guidelines

    Here are the codes, then a breakdown follows: MI Codes & Paid Inclusion Hover your mouse over the URL, and if you use Internet Explorer, you'll see something completely different in the status bar at the bottom of your browser (use the menu option...

  7. How LookSmart Works

    It lets you enter a URL that might go through a measuring system or which might be appended with special tracking codes. Submissions aren't added instantly by Zeal "contributors," the status given to brand new members who pass the Zeal quiz.