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  1. Taobao SEO: A Guide to One of the World's Largest Consumer Marketplaces

    However, since search behavior is different in China, it's often a forgotten, yet critical link in an overall Chinese search strategy – and, according to Taobao, they are a “shopping search engine”. They launched without charging fees to list...

  2. SearchDay | How to Communicate SEO Value

    Search Engine Watch Experts Columns Continue reading adCenter Offers $1000 in Free Clicks for SEMPO Members Posted by Nathania Johnson Nov 24, 2008 Microsoft's adCenter is launching a new offer for Search Engine Marketing Professional...

  3. What Are You Converting?

    Advertising: This includes advertising online, such as banners, text ads, and sponsor links. Today's column ran earlier on Search Engine Watch. Purchase: Many companies measure sales efficiency by looking at their sales conversion rate (the...