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  1. Industry picks holes in BCR proposals

    The association recommends insurers subject to the BCR discount liabilities based on the rates of risk-adjusted liquid interest rate swaps or government bonds – if the former market is less liquid in a given jurisdiction – plus several adjustments...

  2. Nordic markets warm to central clearing

    On the plus side, it can free a lot of capital for a bank, and it will lower risk in the financial system,” adds Magnus Lindholm, head of interest rate swaps sales at Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB) in Stockholm.

  3. Software Survey 2009

    Credit risk management has been expanded with additional credit risk measures and enhanced credit derivatives coverage, including contingent credit default swaps. The company has recently enhanced the handling of credit default swaps, total return...

  4. Use Care When Choosing an SEO Agency

    Link swaps could be considered barter, which makes them a compensated link. Any SEO with a basic amount of experience knows that the 302 is a message to the search engines to not transfer the link equity (link juice, PageRank, whatever) from the...

  5. The liquidity link

    Spreads on five-year credit default swaps (used as a proxy for term borrowing costs) have blown out from only 20 basis points in June to well over 100bp in December 2007. Economic capital In August 2006, Risk - a sister magazine to Asia Risk...

  6. 9 Tips for Getting Started with Link Building

    Understand the anatomy of getting a link - Since we shy away from buying links, or pursing link swaps, you are left with the task of getting someone to provide you with a one way link. They could certainly run an article about sailing in the Boston...