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  1. Google's New Tools for Site Link Strengthening

    One of the comments in Matt's post comes from Eric Ward, a well-known link building expert. I fear that maybe Matt's article, as well as Eric's comment, minimizes the difficulty in actually achieving a change to an old inbound link.

  2. The Search Engine Report - Number 118

    The Ten Linking Commandments By LinkMoses - Eric Ward posted a fun but true list of what he calls LinkMoses Linking Commandments. Search Engine Forums Spotlight - Links to the week's topics from search engine forums across the web: Yahoo Reports...

  3. Aggressive Linking - The Only Search Engine Optimization Strategy You Need?

    A link from Eric Ward brings us daily visits," says McGaffin. In addition to the report, the site offers worksheets and links to online resources concerned with linking, providing a useful roadmap for anyone trying to enhance the link popularity of...