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  1. Guide to Google Analytics Demographics Reports: Age, Gender & Interests

    With the standard ABC Summary report showing the key metrics and the ability to drill down into Site Usage or Conversion data through the links above the graph, you can find out how people of different ages digest your content and convert in such...

  2. We Love Google, We Love Google Not: 6 SEO-Inspired Valentine's Day Quotes

    Using misguided link building practices does actually mean having to say "I'm sorry," often several times over. A guy who called a woman by his ex's name has it easy compared to a site that bought links and spun article content.

  3. Linking the Google Way in 2014

    CustomMade also employs one of my favorite link building tactics – attracting links form colleges and universities ( link building). As with any form of link building, the success rate is directly proportionate to the value of the content.