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  1. 6 Crucial Link Building Strategies to Drive Quality Traffic

    According to Rand Fishkin of Moz, there has been a clear shift in marketers' link-building tactics in 2014 as compared to last year: for example close to 50% said in 2013 that guest blogging was their staple tactic, in 2014 fewer than 15% listed...

  2. Should You Syndicate Your Blog to Get More Traffic & Leads?

    Some of the strategies marketers use to build traffic include guest blogging. Reputable syndication networks always have a link that points to the where the article was originally published. When they do this, the Google bots are not confused...

  3. 7 Content Marketing Tips to Recover From Google Penguin

    At the same time, keep in mind that guest posting isn't the only way to build links from influential platforms. So many of us are focused on earning links from guest posts that we forget that those posts are actually valuable for the sites we post on.

  4. Matt Cutts Says 'Stop' Guest Blogging for SEO: Here's Everything You Need to Know

    So it is still worthwhile for authors to reach out for guest blogging, provided it's high quality content (and it probably is in your best interest to suggesting nofollow links, or link to a Twitter account, Google+ page or Facebook page instead).

  5. Matt Cutts on How to Guest Blog Without Looking Like a Spammer to Google

    Guest blogging seems like it is the fad of the month a little bit because we do hear a lot of people were complaining about tons of people just spraying and praying, sending out invitations, "I'm going to guest blog on all these different things...