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  1. Non-Google Link Strategy: An Example of Stealth Link Marketing

    Your competitors don't find your links by doing backlink analysis, because these links to your scuba site exist inside a private email confirmation, which exists inside your private inbox. My prior column "Link for People, Not Search Engines," was...

  2. Google's New Tools for Site Link Strengthening

    One of the comments in Matt's post comes from Eric Ward, a well-known link building expert. I fear that maybe Matt's article, as well as Eric's comment, minimizes the difficulty in actually achieving a change to an old inbound link.

  3. The Link Building Conundrum - Eric Ward's View

    Last night,'s show "The Pulse" included a guest speaker who is very well acquainted with linking: Eric Ward. When asked if there is a difference between penalization and devaluation (remembered that word today), Eric felt that it...

  4. Aggressive Linking - The Only Search Engine Optimization Strategy You Need?

    A link from Eric Ward brings us daily visits," says McGaffin. It's a clearly written explanation of how search engines use link analysis as a component of relevance ranking. LinkingMatters is a 33...

  5. Linker vs. Lawyer: The Deep Link Controversy Continues

    Paul Alan Levy, an attorney for the Public Citizen Litigation Group, squares off with Eric Ward, one of the web's most respected authorities on links and linking. Paul Alan Levy, an attorney for Ralph Nader's Public Citizen Litigation Group...

  6. 131 (Legitimate) Link Building Strategies

    By Robin Nobles, Eric Ward, and John Alexander, Guest Writers Eric Ward, President, NetPOST and URLwire) Eric Ward founded the Web's first service for announcing and linking Web sites back in 1994, and he still offers those services today.