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Limited Liability Company

  1. Mariana Capital offers autocall on FTSE 100 stocks

    No liability whatsoever is accepted by Future Value Consultants Limited or Structured Products magazine for any loss or expense incurred from using this analysis. Notably, each company operates in a different sector: Barclays in banking and finance...

  2. The changing face of UK retail structured products

    The banks had an unlimited liability here - not necessarily a monetary liability but a reputational one. Some of those who have set up recently have made the decision to have a tied distribution company.

  3. Ucits hedge funds start to build momentum

    This is one area where future legislation is likely to change the scene substantially, particularly with regards to depositary liability. T he regime being proposed in the alternative investment fund managers (AIFM) directive would make the...

  4. Flexibility and tax dominate structure

    In terms of choice of fund vehicle, they think it needs to achieve limited liability to investors and not increase the amount of tax investors pay on the underlying investment. Nora Bullock and Simon Atiyah at Lovells believe funds should take into...

  5. Pricing problems

    This has resulted in investors facing significant losses and managers facing potential legal liability,” he notes.John Langan at Withers believes there is a fundamental conflict of interest between the compensation a fund manager receives, which...

  6. Need for audit seen as essential

    In this respect, a fund is not different from the most common form of incorporation (that is, the limited liability company). The quality and usefulness of audits for funds was thrown into stark relief with the revelation that the Madoff fraud was...

  7. Enterprising investment

    It will be set up as an English limited liability partnership. The fund is part of a wider government initiative based on the US’s Small Business Investment Company model, which has been running since the 1950s.

  8. Insurance debt: Don't take a tumble

    While nearly all insurers have reduced exposures to asset volatility using hedging or through actively selling the asset, there have also been selective actions on the liability side: Swiss Re and Standard Life have used reinsurance, Friends...

  9. Microsoft's Net Income Increases by 2%

    Microsoft's ability to attract and retain talented employees; delays in product development and related product release schedules; significant business investments that may not gain customer acceptance and produce offsetting increases in revenue...

  10. Savings for the future

    While that has been blown slightly off-course by the liquidity crisis, the group's decision to focus on the liability side of the balance sheet means that it has given itself a couple of years' head start in the race for retail deposits.

  11. How fair is fair value?

    SFAS 157 defines fair value as the price that would be received to sell an asset or would be paid to transfer a liability in an orderly transaction between market participants at the measurement date.

  12. Google's AOL Stake Rolling Into Holding Company It Can Take Public In 2008

    Google is going to hold its 5 percent share of AOL through a new limited liability company (either called HoldCo or that being the term used to indicate a yet to be named holding company) AOL deal that sheds light on some new details, include...

  13. The SearchEngine Update, June 22, 1998, Number 31

    The move gives NBC a toehold in the current portal mania sweeping the web; it also turns Snap from a Cnet liability into a new crown jewel. The main difference is that the Mining Company is not a search service, though it is often seen in that light.