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Life Expectancy

  1. SEO Burn Notice: When You’re a Blogger, A Scorched Earth Policy Is a Bad Idea

    It can be used to quickly share content when SEO value and traffic is less important, for a site that has limited life expectancy, or as a secondary platform it can be quite useful. Did he talk to an search engine optimizer first?

  2. Google Adds World Bank Public Data to Search Results

    Life expectancy Last April, Google launched the integration of public data into its main search results. Now, they're adding even more public data - this time from the World Bank. You can search 17 World Bank data indicators:

  3. New Search Engine Wolfram Alpha Launches to Much Buzz

    Wolfram Alpha gives us the 2007 estimate plus a slew of other facts including population density and life expectancy: In the 1957 movie Desk Set, Katharine Hepburn plays a researcher at a TV station who feels her job is threatened when Spencer...

  4. Print Journalists Optimistic...Or Not

    It's” more of an optimism than I would have expected about the life expectancy of publications and mainstream media outlets," Armon told Washkuch. A recent survey of 1,231 journalists in traditional and non-traditional media, including newspaper...

  5. SEW Experts: Search and Brand Authenticity

    CMO life expectancy shrinks. Search for brand authenticity grows. In today's Search Ads column, "Search and Brand Authenticity," Matt Spiegel tries to get to the bottom of this paradox. With the need to market an authentic brand, it's time for...