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  1. UK Election 2010: Personal Democracy Forum (#pdfge2010) Action Replay

    Also speaking were the senior strategists behind the online campaigns from the three main parties: Hanson, Conservative's Craig Elder, online communities editor at the Conservative Party, and Lib Dem's Mark Pack Head of Digital at Mandate...

  2. UK Election 2010: Lessons Learned from Watching First Social Media Battle of Britain

    Oh, and The Independent (and The Independent on Sunday) advocated tactical voting to maximize the chance of a Liberal Democrat - Labour coalition, in order to make electoral reform a possibility. The Guardian (and The Observer) endorsed the Liberal...

  3. UK Election 2010: Have We Just Experienced the First Real 'Twitter Moment'?‏

    This is a response to today's all out assault by Conservatives on the Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg through the many Tory controlled newspapers in the UK. Since last week's first British televised leaders' debate, the Liberal Democrats have...

  4. UK Election 2010: Google Insights for Search Tracks Interest In Campaign

    Alastair Stewart of ITN hosted Prime Minister Gordon Brown of the Labour Party, Conservative Party leader David Cameron and Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg as they discussed domestic affairs before a Manchester TV studio audience.

  5. Scott Brown beat Martha Coakley on YouTube, too

    How do the approaches taken by Labour, the Conservatives, and the Liberal Democrats differ from what we've seen elsewhere? Ironically, it appears that the Republican Brown learned these lessons, but the Democrat Coakley didn't.