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  1. Not Just Google: Regulators Shut Down Bing, Yahoo Mortgage Scam Ads

    According to the official SIGTARP statement, "Homeowners can protect themselves from becoming a victim of these scams by seeking a HAMP mortgage modification directly through their lender or mortgage servicer or through HUD-approved housing...

  2. Real Estate Search Site Zillow Saw Record Year Despite Economy

    To date, over 7,000 lender ratings and reviews have been submitted by borrowers. You would think that 2009 was not a great year for a site like Zillow. After all, the housing market was rough, as it was one of the driving forces behind the global...

  3. Zillow Unveils Automated Quote API

    We believe this new feature will also improve the experience for the borrowers on our site by providing a greater number of quotes, faster, as well as more options in rates and lenders to help them chose the right loan and lender for them.