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  1. Enterprise SEO in 2013

    Divergent communications departments must unite around nomenclature, legalities, and landing pages if a new business line is to get a toe-hold in search results too. This ideology is user-centric in that it presumes the preponderance of search...

  2. Google AdSense For Domains Program Overdue For Reform -- And Yahoo & Microsoft Should Also Take Note

    Legalities aside, the idea of someone making money off a typo-based domain leaves many cold, especially if you are the brand owner impacted. MS Research: Typo-Squatters Are Gaming Google from eWeek covers Microsoft researchers discovering Google's...

  3. The Search Engine Update, July 15, 2002, Number 129

    Linking Legalities: What You Need to Know SearchDay, July 10, 2002 =================== About The Update The Search Engine Update is a twice-monthly update of search engine news.

  4. Overture Names Authorized Bid Management Providers

    The legalities are interesting, though. Should advertisers using them worry that they'll be getting in trouble? Silence was the response. The limbo about these programs has now ended. Overture has named seven companies as "authorized" third party...