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  1. US bilateral margin rules: a hit parade of horrors

    In brief, foreign branches or agencies of US banks will remain subject to US rules, as will covered swap entities guaranteed by a US entity. I think it's extremely difficult to comply with and it would be near impossible to get a legal opinion on...

  2. EU regulators ready to act in concert?

    Rumours first began swirling in Europe in the early evening of May 18, when a brief Reuters story reported the German government planned to ban naked short selling on certain stocks and government bonds from midnight.

  3. The repo effect

    Banks may have preferred not to tap such portfolios in the past as either they saw limited investor appetite for the profile of the assets, or they may have deemed them too problematic or costly to securitise in terms of limited data availability...

  4. State Street adds six to global credit team

    In effect, Amblard retains his existing responsibilities as global head of interest rate and FX trading, but adds structured credit, credit arbitrage and flow credit to his brief. Prior to that, he was head of structured credit transaction...

  5. EFF Backs Google Trademark Advertising Methods

    Similar to the case dismissed against Geico, Rescuecom continued its legal battle and went to a Federal appelate court which should reach an opinion very soon. MediaPost reporteds that in a friend-of-the-court brief filed this week, the EFF argues...

  6. Publisher Groups To Test New Search Engine Rights Management System (Updated)

    This paper is intended to brief publishers on the outline of this project and to encourage their active support and participation when the project is launched in September 2006. GLOBAL PUBLISHERS HEAD OFF LEGAL CLASH WITH SEARCH ENGINES: NEW RIGHTS

  7. How The US Department of Justice May Analyze Search Data & Freedom Of Information Act Request For Disclosure

    I'm also wondering if there were any non-legal requests made to the search engines before the subpoenas? I'd like to better understand exactly how the testing will happen, something the DOJ should be able to comment upon irregardless to the...

  8. Judge Sets Hearing Date in Google Subpoena Case

    Ware also set a date of Feb.for Google to file a legal brief with its arguments, and a for the Justice Department to submit its reply. He heard the case in 2001, a spam lawsuit in 1998, and a legal spat between RealNetworks and...