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Legal Actions

  1. Effective Storytelling for Brands: How to Drive Discovery & Engagement

    Present counters next to these actions as a way to reinforce the idea that yours is a story worth reading/watching/listening to. In legal, Avvo. In local, there was Yelp. In travel TripAdvisor. In retail, Amazon.

  2. Google’s Human Trafficking Ad Policy Questioned

    So what is Google doing to spot ads that promote illegal actions and what actions are in place to deal with them? Legal and consensual pornography advertisments are allowed, but with limitations. The letter seeking more clarification on behalf of...

  3. Google Forfeiture: Government Splits $500 Million

    Google said in a statement to the Associated Press, "We take responsibility for our actions. Under Australian law, no monetary penalty was allowed, though Google did have to pay the plaintiff’s legal fees.

  4. SOPA Explained: Why It’s Bad for the Web & How to #StopSOPA

    This could happen when something might have been copied pursuant to fair use, or by the actions of someone providing user generated content (for example, in a comment on a blog, a post on a forum, a video that includes part or all of a copyrighted...

  5. Google Won't Erase Links to Max Mosley Hooker Orgy Stories, So He Sues

    Courts seem to have ruled that it was an invasion of privacy and actions can be taken by you and your team to have images removed from offending websites. Mosley testified at the Leveson inquiry last week that he has pursued legal action in 22...

  6. Google & NSTIC Leading the March to Digital Totalitarianism?

    Data that can all be obtained by subpoena without your knowledge for court cases, legal actions or sneak and peeks which are part of the USA PATRIOT Act. The more entrusted, the more actions and interactions this provider is responsible for (so you...