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  1. 20:20 Vision: 20 Brands Share Insights on 20 Topics – Earned Media, Search & Social

    Jessica Lee from SEW explains in more detail in "Mobile Traffic Up 125% but Conversions Lag Behind Desktop [Study]". More than 600 senior marketers, 42 speakers, and search and social titans from Google, Google+, Microsoft, Bing, Facebook...

  2. Google Passes Microsoft to Become 2nd Largest Tech Company

    Google has surpassed Microsoft, becoming the world's second largest technology company. Microsoft, however, fell less than 1 percent to $29.49 for a valuation of $247.2 billion. Some financial analysts think the news is related to a shift from the...

  3. Google, Microsoft Pitch HTTP Overhaul Options for Speedier Web

    Tim Berners-Lee was the creator of HTTP for the World Wide Web more than 20 years ago. The Paris meeting on overhauling HTTP included presentations about four specific proposals for HTTP 2.0, including SPDY by Google (that's being used right now...

  4. New Gmail, YouTube, Blogger Users Join Google+ by Default

    For their part, EFF's senior lawyer Lee Tien offered that the government would need new privacy laws or regulations to prohibit identity verifiers from selling user data or sharing it with law enforcement officials without a warrant.