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  1. Oklahoma Uses YouTube TrueView Ads to Boost Tourism for a Song [Case Study]

    As Executive Director, Deby Snodgrass led a team that revels in pushing aside stodgy industry standards in favor of effective new strategy. People are changing the way they consume media, mixing their live TV watching with recorded shows and...

  2. Win Earned, Owned and Even ‘Paid’ Links With Content

    For any content led link building campaign to be truly successful you should also consider what options there are to amplify reach, using key paid channels. It’s the basis of inbound marketing and the currency traded among the globe’s largest media...

  3. The Growing Importance of International Mobile Search

    Japan led the way with 55 percent of searches undertaken on mobile devices while the U.S. One explanation is the 'multi-screen' nature of the event, meaning the audience has a tendency to watch events unfold on one device (be it a TV, desktop...

  4. Gustav Klimt Google Logo Celebrates 150th Birthday of Austrian Erotica Artist

    Born in 1862 near Vienna, in Baumgarten, Klimt reveled in human sexuality and eventually led the Secession movement in Austria. Frank Whitford famously panned that notion when speaking on BBC TV documentary, The Kiss: Private Life of a Masterpiece.