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  1. BAML increases inflation market share

    Another of the BAML's highlights this year has come in the guise of a legacy position it had in a financial lease linked to the Belgian inflation rate that it had repacked in 1997, when selling the lease to a French investor.

  2. Google Expands Global Presence in Asia, London, Dublin

    Fledgling companies will be able to lease space and receive expert advice in the business center, dubbed Tech City, once it's complete, according to Reuters. Google signed the lease for the seven-story building near the Silicon Roundabout that will...

  3. Google Makes Room for Thousands of New Googlers in California

    Google has recently announced a long-term lease for four buildings in Sunnyvale, California. Along with the new land lease and building purchases, Google is hoping to build a bridges over a creek that separates the leased land from the main Google...

  4. EveryScape Goes Where Google Maps Does Not

    Joe Ryan, owner of the Press Box Sports Bar in Manhattan, was quickly sold on the idea when he was approached with an offer to lease his locale on the interactive map. It's absolutely worth the price of the lease," Ryan said.

  5. Carl Icahn Can't Save Yahoo

    Meanwhile, back in Mountain View, Google just signed a sweetheart deal with NASA to lease land, expand office space, and build housing for employees. Also included in the 40 year lease is handy-dandy perk that allows Google to land its private jets...

  6. Google to Build New Offices at NASA

    The initial lease is set for 40 years, but could be renewed for as much as 50 years. NASA has agreed to Google's plans to build a 1.2 million square foot office complex at the Ames Research Center near its Mountain View, California headquarters.

  7. Social Search: Welcome to the World of Socialommerce

    Listed alongside the qualitative reviews are certain data points for each friend: price, vehicle, options, lease or finance terms, color, etc. This was a new term I coined that encompasses the transactional and marketing pieces of social networks.