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  1. Marines Launch New Pandora-inspired YouTube Brand Channel

    Jeff Small: With a broad spectrum of video content and a large user base, the need to present an experience that equally allowed users to be exposed to a wider range of content types and also have a specialized experience led to the updated brand...

  2. Where's The ROI?

    If you have shorter-term goals, PPC could be the instant traffic generator you're looking for. Even the most negative and non-Internet-savvy business owners can't argue with numbers that lead to bigger bank accounts.

  3. Search and Future Think

    Return of the BS Generator I thought we were past the days of using text from the dot-com BS generator, but I digress. People talk about your brand and products and those discussions can lead to sales and better search rankings.

  4. The Search Engine Update, December 18, 2001, Number 115

    Azooq Doorway Page Generator There's a meta tag generator, a "Page Primer" analysis tool that offers basic advice for changes that may help with crawler-based search engines, a submission tool to send your URLs to many search...