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  1. Google Not Responsible for Policing YouTube Content: French Court

    And in 2005, they lost their appeal on the trademark case in which Google was found guilty of “trademark counterfeiting” after a complaint by French travel companies Luteciel and Viaticum. Google recently commissioned a top first amendment rights...

  2. Google’s Rosetta Stone AdWords Woes Continue as Case Reopened

    Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc.that buying ads based on a competitor's name doesn't violate trademark law. Rosetta Stone’s trademark infringement lawsuit against Google, first filed in 2009 and dismissed by a Virginia court in August 2010, has been...

  3. Court: Bidding on Competitor's Name OK in AdWords, adCenter

    Buying ads based on a competitor's name doesn't violate trademark law, a court has ruled, overturning a lawsuit over AdWords and adCenter ads displaying trademarked names. Google AdWords is no stranger to trademark infringement law suits.

  4. Brand Monitoring: A Guide to Protecting Trademarks on Paid Search

    Since Internet advertising is fairly new, there's not a lot of case law on trademark use in search engine advertising. Trademark Law in the U.S. Trademark rights begin when you first use the mark in commerce -- for example, the date you start to...

  5. Trademark: The Next Generation

    Trademark litigation is very much a part of our lives in the interactive marketing world. Google turned my head a bit when I first saw it, particularly because of a few notable items we haven't seen before in trademark litigation.

  6. Utah Legislature Attempts to Regulate Keywords - Again

    Utah's Misguided Trademark Protection Act Kate Kaye at is reporting that the Utah House has passed H.B.which is another law the state is considering to regulate keywords advertising. The Senate has until Thursday to pass the law, as Utah...

  7. Search Headlines & Links: March 10, 2008

    Utah Amends Trademark Protection Act (But Only After Some Drama), Technology and Marketing Law Here we've collected today's top news stories posted to the Search Engine Watch Blog, along with search-related headlines from around the Web: