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Launched Question Answering

  1. How Will Voice Search Change SEO for Local Stores & Global Enterprises?

    Yahoo launched their first voice search around 2008 and continues to release new versions. As voice technology is refined, the first big question search marketers have to ask is: Is there a difference in voice search vs.text-based searches?

  2. Aardvark Launches Website: Social Search Meets Answers Site Mashup

    Aardvark has launched its new social search site at To test it out, I first asked a question about last night's Monday Night Football game because I didn't catch the final score. Of course, a question about Monday Night Football wouldn't...

  3. SearchDay | Use Online Public Relations for Link Marketing

    That's not an easy question to generalize on, but there are some guidelines that can help you see if yours is acceptable. Shopping has launched a deal finding portal called Yahoo! I'm looking forward to hanging here with you, answering questions...

  4. Daily SearchCast, Dec. 13, 2005: Yahoo Answers Launched, Yahoo Buys, MSN Virtual Earth Becomes Windows Local Live, Gains Cool Images; Alexa Offers Developers Tools; Paid Links Debated

    Today's search podcast covers the launch of Yahoo's question answering service, Yahoo Answers; other Q Yahoo's purchase of; MSN Virtual Earth becoming Windows Local Live and gaining birds eye imagery;

  5. Web Search History: Before Google Answers and Yahoo Answers There Was "Answer Point" From Ask Jeeves

    Before I go any further, I'm well aware of other question answering services involving humans. Long before two major search engines, Google and Yahoo offered Google Answers and Yahoo Answers, their human powered question answering services and/or...