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  1. Weekly Rundown: Lost Google Image Search Traffic, Facebook Search Ads & More

    B2B Marketers Say Twitter is Now but Google+ Is the Future [Infographic] – Marketing PilgrimThe most popular platform among B2Bs? Going Viral not Required to Succeed – with YouTube’s Lane Shackleton – Ramblings About SEO BlogThe product manager...

  2. BloomReach Incorporates Real-Time Freshness For E-Commerce Optimization

    Just a few months after their official launch, big data cloud marketing platform BloomReach has introduced a major improvement to their Web Relevance Engine (WRE), the technology that drives their search and social optimization products.

  3. Where Should In-House SEO Reside?

    Many companies still view website as a communications platform hence the corporate communications team end up with website responsibility. You might have a customer who originally heard about your product or services through a Tweet or Facebook...

  4. BloomReach Marketing Platform Aims to Expose Your Best Content in Organic Search & Social

    Cloud marketing platform BloomReach has just announced their official launch, after three years operating under the radar out of Mountain View, California. BloomSearch is a platform large online retailers should look into.

  5. YouTube TrueView Ads Pump Up Search Traffic, Conversions for TRX

    Using the flexibility of the YouTube advertising platform, Packowski quickly re-allocated his budget to capitalize on opportunity of being featured on the show hosted by Kelly Ripa Show, and watch traffic spike in near real time.