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Latin American Countries

  1. Nuances of Spanish Language Search Marketing

    This post will help you understand the nuances of Latin American search marketing and what you can do to help your campaigns over the hurdles that are often faced with so many countries under a single language.

  2. How to Target Ethnicities on Facebook

    Target specific Hispanic or Latin-American countries: To accomplish this, simply use traditional interest footprints for declaring ones ethnicity such as “am [ethnicity],” “proud [ethnicity],” “[ethnicity] pride,” “[ethnicity] American” and so on.

  3. How to Launch an English Only Global Search Marketing Campaign

    International English is quickly being standardized as a mix of American and British English; however it isn’t adopted en masse. The majority of English speakers are actually not American, so “colour” is “color”, “labour” is “labor” and so on.

  4. Top Level Trends of SEM Worldwide in 2010 and 2011

    Latin American Markets Japan is the only stronghold left for the American search giant Yahoo, but there is a twist to that as Google powers the search results for Yahoo. Globally, countries like China (Baidu), Russia (Yandex), and South Korea stick...

  5. Google Maps Excuse For Central American Invasion

    Costa Rica contacted the Organization of American States to urge Nicaragua to withdraw security forces from a border zone to ease tensions over a two-century-old territorial dispute. The two countries have been disputing the extent of their...

  6. Exchange credentials

    Other indexes that we provide are based more on American depository receipts and global depository receipts, and are therefore more liquid and investable in India. Interest from countries in the Asia-Pacific region doesn't fall under one umbrella...

  7. Search Marketing in Brazil: Report from SES Latino

    That means not everyone would be able to succeed regionally and probably aware of that, they keep its focus in Brazil alone, a much bigger market than several Latin-american countries combined. The fact is: Brazil is the only Portuguese speaking...

  8. Implementing your Search Strategy for the Latino Market, Part 2

    Google has the largest search share in most Latin American countries, with Yahoo and MSN typically in the runners-up positions. In some Latin American countries like Brazil, YouTube even gathers higher traffic than the major universal search sites...