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  1. 2013 Mobile Ad Revenue Hits $19.3B, Including Gains in Search

    Mobile search ads dominated in North America and Europe, but not in the Asia-Pacific region, Middle East and Africa, or Latin America. And every region showed growth in search ads, with Latin America showing a 354 percent growth:

  2. Nuances of Spanish Language Search Marketing

    However, with so many Latin American countries, it might not seem entirely doable. It is important when implementing search marketing in Latin America to be observant and respectful of these differences, which is just another way that the Spanish...

  3. Search Ads Account for 52.8% of World’s Mobile Ad Revenue in 2012

    For more information and specific stats for other areas of the world including Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, check out the study here. Mobile advertising revenue is up across the globe, according to the latest findings from the...

  4. The Growing Importance of International Mobile Search

    These figures represent the constantly increasing rates of Internet penetration and accessibility in developing markets such as Latin America and Asia. For a long time now English has served as the lingua franca, or common language, of the Internet.

  5. More Than 100,000 Sellers Have Inventory in New Google Shopping Model

    Google will release new merchant tools in the coming months and plans to roll out PLAs and Google Shopping in Europe, Asia, and Latin America in 2013. Since they announced the transition to a paid model for Product Search results in May, Google has...

  6. How to Visualize the Ridiculously Big Numbers Representing Global Online Video Usage

    Although markets in Latin America showed lower overall engagement with online video compared to their counterparts in other regions, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico ranked among the markets with the highest penetration, highlighting a...